Rainy Day Quilters

Ketchikan, Alaska

This site last updated — OCTOBER 27, 2020

Here you can find information on the monthly meeting, group meetings, Retreats, Workshops and Classes, and a Facebook link to pictures of our beautiful works, as well as place to join this site.  Enjoy!

Rainy Day Quilters

Where:  Holy Name Church, Parish Hall

When:  4th Tuesday of the Month @ 6:30pm

Next Meeting OCTOBER 27, 2020

Wear a mask, keep your distance, and bring a disinfectant wipe to clean your space.

NO Food or treats, sorry, Bring your own coffee, tea or water.



Check your email for details

  • Our Coronaville Quilts
  • Cornovirus Stimulus Worksheet
  • 2021 Quilt Show –  Please volunteer to help
  • Private Facebook site while we WFH or SAH (work from home, stay at home)
  • Instagram Page for Selling Quilt items (Check email for Agreement form that needs to be completed)

QOV Info

  • November QOV Quilt 


  • None at this time

Workshops, Classes and Challenges

  • None at this time


Rainy Day Quilters
PO Box 5131
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

If you would like to have anything added to this website, please email  rainydayquilters@gmail.com